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About Us


Paper Crane Press is a worker owned and operated union print shop started in  1986 to serve the Philadelphia area non-profit community with affordable  high quality offset printing. We are committed to helping you be able  to present a clean professional image in your printed materials as we  believe this can be an important part of the ability to convey your  message effectively to the public.

In our shop we have  always promoted the use of recycled and tree-free papers and an  environmentally responsible workplace, utilizing silver recovery,  internal recycling and proper disposal of waste.

We are an I.U. 450 job shop in the IWW - Industrial Workers of the World
We  offer traditional offset printing in all Pantone Matching System©  colors and digital full color up to 13 x 19. Please see our Digital  Files page for more information on accepted file formats.


  • Newsletters
  • Direct Mail Fund Appeals
  • Letterheads
  • Envelopes
  • Brochures


  • Business Cards
  • Announcements
  • Program Books
  • Flyers
  • Postcards

Digital Files


We  accept jobs from camera-ready copy or digital files. Digital files must include linked images and all fonts used. If you use postscript fonts  please be sure to include both parts - printer font and screen font.

When  using spot color(s) in your file make sure that you use only colors  from the Pantone Matching System©. Color elements must all be Pantone  colors - not RGB or CMYK. Non Pantone colors may cause delays and  additional charges.

Work  performed on customer files and/or authors alterations after files are  received may incur additional charges. If you have any questions about  getting your digital file ready for the printing stage please feel free to call.

Your  job can be e-mailed as an attached file, however, it should be  compressed first using a utility such as Stuffit (for Mac) or Winzip  (for PC). Or you may mail your job after placing it on cd, dvd,  thumbdrive or other storage device.   Please include hard copy whenever  possible. Due to the unpredictable nature of e-mail please notify us by  phone to confirm that you have sent an order by that method.  We can  also accept files by Dropbox.com or other free file transfer services  (contact us for recommendation).

Applications we accept files from include:

QuarkXPress up to version 8.0 Mac (Mac or PC)

Adobe Pagemaker up to version 7 (Mac or PC)
Adobe InDesign up to version CS6 (Mac or PC)
Adobe Illustrator up to version CS6 (Mac or PC)
Corel Draw up to version 11 (Mac or PC)
Microsoft Publisher up to version 2010
Adobe PDF
Microsoft Word

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